Sirkkusaga – a chapter

A further chapter from Sirkkusaga; Shortly after the Reignweald and the Dominion finally make peace a devatasting missile attack has been carried out by a new enemy.

Chapter 27 Retribution.

Effie sat at the round table in the Witanhus with her Rune, the Foreladtwa, the Ofer Heretoga of the Huscarls, the Field Marshall of the Here, the First Marshall of the Fyrd, Hame Cancelar Corcoran, the Wigfruma, Craeftwice Smith and the Ellende Canceler, ten of the most powerful people in Aengland were gathered in the Witangemot Moot Haell to discuss the Ket missile capability, also present in the virtual sense were the other Reignweald leaders on communicator.

‘My esteemed Majesty, fellow Witan and officers we have two proposals for dealing with this aggression by the Ket. The first is to defend ourselves against any future missile attack, as you know we have installed Liegswaepn in our forward bases which will give a sense of security but we know the odds that they could successfully down many of these missiles from the ground are poor. We have of course initiated a joint programme between the Reignweald Air Force and the Andgiete Craeftgemot to build an orbital version of our Liegswaepn enabling us to down their missiles upon launching.’ The Foreladtwa opened the meeting.

‘We already know this Mr Baldwin,’ it was the Sweorice Prime Minister ‘and it is old news, you mentioned two proposals?’

‘Indeed, we have a way of striking back at the Ket now if we dare to use it.’ He replied. A chorus of exclamations ran around the monitors. ‘It is best perhaps if the Craeftwice were to enlighten us.’ The Foreladtwa continued.

Here we go Queen Ethelflaeda knew what was coming.

‘Majesty, my dear colleagues I will not prevaricate. We have in stasis a small stock of pre-war Q-missiles, it is the desired intention of the Aengland Witan to use one of these to destroy the Ket launch site, our Folcwen has, rightly of course, insisted that this action should not be carried out without the consent of the entire Reignweald.’  Smith finished and the chorus started…

‘I didn’t realise we had any of these weapons what else do you have hidden away?’

‘You would use Q-weapons after mankind nearly destroyed the world before?’

‘What if the Ket retaliate in kind?’

‘These things warp the fabric of space-time we’re lucky we still have a planet.’

‘I thought stasis fields had been banned for the same reason?’

You would do this to their people?

‘My dear colleagues please!’ Hame Cancelar Corcoran shouted them down. ‘Firstly, it would only be a low yield device, secondly this theory of space-time distortion does not hold water, our world is still here and we are thriving despite the truly staggering amount of Q-material released during the war and don’t forget the lost-ones, the Wights and the Ket all survived outside of stasis. Admittedly we do not know what effect an attack on their launch site would have on the local population and this is something we would have to live with, if the Ket had Q-bombs they would not have hesitated to use one for the attack on East 3 would you launch a costly subspace weapon and only arm it with high explosive if you had a better alternative to hand?’

‘But might not this drive them to create such waepnry themselves?’ it was the Sweorice Foreladtwa again ‘and I believe our forces have not only beaten off a ground attack but then used a Psi to turn their own clones against them?’

The Craeftwice spoke again, ’Firstly the Ket do not have Q-capability any more than do the Wights, while their smithcraeft with genetics is highly advanced they do not possess energy weapons or antigravity drivers and as for the other matter the Psi readily admit their mind altering technique does not come with a lifetime guarantee, as you well know Campealdor Da N’tan’s plan only relieved part of the Dominion’s border, the fighting still continues apace in other areas and thanks to the bloody media our populace are already expressing concern about fighting our former enemy’s battles for them. A strike against their launch facility may shake the Ket enough to sue for peace or at least cause a hiatus in their aggression’

‘I would like to add this.’ Corcoran stood. ‘Only Aengland suffered from the Ket attack, only Aenglish scotae died in the explosion, No. 2 Cohort of the 3rd Elite Huscarls and the 1st  and 2nd Tamworth’s were almost completely wiped out, the Aenglish people are furious and are demanding retribution. How would you feel if you had lost so many of your own?’

‘They have only launched one missile so far…’ the Sweorice Foreladtwa began.

‘Do we wait until they launch another one then?’ The Da N’mark leader interrupted. ‘They might destroy one of our cities next time.’

‘Your Majesty, how do you feel about this?’ asked Foreladtwa McLeish.

‘My thoughts are for my people and my country, I have little option but to agree to whatever the Witangemot decide.’

Foreladtwa Baldwin looked at each screen in turn then asked ‘So my fellow Witan do you agree to this… yea or nay?’


In the Morning Room the viewer showed a satellite view of a forested area which the Queen was watching with trepidation, her husband Fredi, Rune Coombs, the Ofer Heretoga Cannock and Mina Srivastava were also present.

A calm voice broke in over the picture. ‘We have confirmation the bird has reached apogee, descent beginning course is steady, warhead armed and aligning with target’ then moments later ‘closing with target, impact in ten seconds… five four three two…’ a brilliant spot of blue tinged light bloomed and a shock wave could be seen rippling out flattening trees for miles around, a perfectly circular cloud had appeared over the epicentre of the blast and somewhere in the world a new flat zone would have been generated.

‘Turn it off now please.’ Effie managed to say, she felt choked.

Fredi took her hand and gripped it tightly. ‘It wasn’t your decision girl,’ he whispered.

No-one else said anything, Effie put her head down, I’ll go down in history as Queen Q-bomb.


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