Walter Raleigh sat on a stool in the Bloody Tower gingerly feeling his neck, his only view to the world outside was through was a tiny window directly above the scaffold with its gore stained block.

She would pardon him surely?

Elizabeth was a fickle queen driven by mood and whimsy, he’d travelled all the way to the New World to bring these items back for her and this was his reward?

He remembered how she had been delighted upon receipt of his gifts and eager to try them, he had stated quite clearly that the potato was for eating, the tabaco was to be smoked and it was not his fault she had not listened to him.

The Queen would forgive him when she calmed down.

Wouldn’t she?

3 thoughts on “Potato.

  1. Love it! Great story!
    I was writing one myself, but unfortunately fell foul of a stomach bug at the start of this week. Hopefully I’ll finish it off and also write something for Eric’s prompt this week as well.
    Look forward to reading your next one!


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