Glimmer #writephoto


He had been away a long time fighting the King’s wars, he had seen death and bloodshed aplenty and now finally could see the glimmer of lights in the valley below, he had come home at last.

Marion had begged him not to go, saying he had done his duty so often in the past but the excitement of battle had rushed through his veins and lured him to conflict once more.

This time would be the last, he would go no more to fight again, he had lost an eye, his bow arm was weak and the weight of so many deaths hung heavily upon him.

Marion had told him not to expect her to be there when he returned as she could no longer wait while fearing that at any moment a messenger might bring news of his demise.

His horse’s hooves making a loud clatter in the stillness of the night woke some folk who leaned out of windows to see this intruder in the dark, a few cursed but others recognising him shouted in greeting congratulating him on his return.

Tying his mount at the front of his home he walked towards the door only for it to open wide and there stood his love tears streaming down her face, she had not left him after all.

Robin held Marion tightly in the quiet of the night promising he would never leave again…


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Thursday photo prompt: Glimmer #writephoto


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