Night Shift


A dark and foggy night saw Constable Harker examining the body of a young man slumped awkwardly against a wall in the alley behind the Green Goblin, the landlord had found him while taking a crate of empties out and he was first responder.

“His throat’s a right mess!” said the landlord unhelpfully.

“Looks like teeth marks.” the policeman mused aloud, there was hardly any blood

“Ruddy hell I’m not staying out here, if you want anything I’ll be inside!” with that the publican shut the side door, Harker heard the lock click.

Where was his backup and where were forensics, was the fog that bad? It was now rolling towards him sending out tendrils as if probing the alleyway, with the landlord gone Harker felt as though he were the only person left on the planet and what made it worse was that he could get no signal here.

Hearing footsteps echoing in the miasma and shining his torch towards the noise he called nervously. “Who’s that?” this was his first night shift and his nerves were on edge.

There was a shape approaching in the fog and a voice with an unusual accent rang out. “WPS Bathory, what’s the problem here Constable?” it resolved itself into the figure of a woman and he was relieved to see another police uniform.

“A dead body, throat all ripped out Sarge I’ve never seen anything like it before, didn’t you hear it on the radio?”

“No, the bugger’s playing up and you can’t pick up much down these old alleyways anyway, something to do with the stonework.”

Harker was new to the station but he had never seen this woman before and would have certainly recognised her if he had, she was fine boned and wearing very red lip gloss (the desk sergeant would surely have said something about that!).

“Are you from Dunwich St then Sarge?” he asked, noticing her pale skin and almost white hair.

“I always work night shift because I have very little melanin, we’ve probably missed each other at the station.” She peered past him. “Well Constable, can I see this body?”

“Yeah I suppose so.” he was puzzled by her response, how did she pass her medical?

The policewoman knelt by the body to look closely at the wound. “This is not good, not good at all, the culprit must be found.”

“That’s our job isn’t it…” began Harker but the sergeant cut him off with a glare.

“Someone is going to pay dearly for this, we’re not supposed to kill, just take what we need!” she dipped a long finger into the wound and licked at the blood seeming to relish it. “Quite fresh, he’s not been dead long.”

“What the..?” exclaimed Harker in horror.

Sgt Bathory stood and walked towards the helpless constable transfixed by her pale eyes. “Sorry but I couldn’t resist it… I really let the cat out of the bag didn’t I?” she grabbed his shoulders. “This won’t hurt and you won’t remember but I promise I’ll get whoever it was…”

Harker stood looking at the body rubbing his neck, he could see several shapes approaching through the mist. “Hello?” he called.

“Go on Harker say it two more times and make my night.” it was Sergeant Gillman from Dunwich Street with another officer. “SOCO’s coming up behind us, sorry we’re late, there was a bloody accident at the junction.” he looked at the body. “Bleeding hell that’s nasty!” he regarded the constable’s expression. “This is your first suspicious death isn’t it Harker?”

“Yeah Sarge.” he pulled a face.

“That’s not the victim’s blood on your collar is it” asked the sergeant curiously.

Harker carefully felt his neck where it itched to find two small wounds a short distance apart. “I must have cut myself shaving.” he couldn’t remember when though…

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