Shadows #writephoto



The man stood alone in the courtyard of the temple before the monument while trying to remember why he was there, the edifice was covered in names commemorating those who had fallen in a mighty (but in the end, pointless battle) on the emperor’s behalf.

Feeling a shudder run down his spine in spite of the warmth beating down on him from above he noticed curiously that patches of shadow had formed in the corners of the open roofed structure in defiance of the bright light of the sun. He began to read the plaques bearing the the names of the fallen recognising some then felt the air beginning to chill and glanced once again at the shadowy corners. To his horror they had grown in size encroaching on the open arches in the walls while daylight still shone brightly down in the centre of the temple.

An unearthly dread came over him and the man decided it was time to leave, then to his greater terror discovered that he could not move from the spot as the the darkness  completely disobeying the laws of nature stretched across to cover all exits like a blanket of shadow. Slowly he watched petrified as they closed upon one another to trap his circle of daylight in a prison of blackness, then he perceived rather than saw figures standing within the eldritch gloom some of whom were familiar to him.

“Leave me be whatever you are!” he screamed in palpable fear.

“Remember!” said a voice that seemed gentle almost friendly.

Obeying the voice he closed his eyes and the noise of conflict came rushing back to him and opening them saw and he was back in the war people falling to left and right as he urged them forward and over the rattle of machine gun fire he heard the whoosh of the approaching shell then nothing…

He opened his eyes once more to find he was looking again at the list of the brave and the dead and was surprised to see his own name clearly at the top of the roll of honour then as  realisation came to him his fear dissapated to be replaced by a feeling of calm acceptance.

“You were lost to us but now you have been found, come join us friend,” said the kindly voice and the the man walked unafraid into the shadow.


Inspied once again by Sue Vincent’s writephoto challenge. #writephoto

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