Hidden #writephoto


It waited patiently beneath the water.

It had been there for an unknown time bottled up and cast into the stream by a powerful druid known as Merlyn, time had worn away the bronze vessel and what was within had spread itself out on the stream bed.

It could not break the surface on it’s own, all that was required was for some unfortunate to simply step into it…

Once absorbed it would take their form and with the druids having long since vanished no-one would be able to prevent the unspeakable horror being unleashed.

No-one came this way.

It waited patiently beneath the water.

A sign had recently appeared in a field adjoining it’s prison, a board reading “BUILDING LAND FOR SALE, PLANNING PERMISSION AVAILABLE.”

No-one usually came this way.

It waited patiently beneath the water…


Inspired by Sue Vincent’s photo

Thursday photo prompt: Hidden #writephoto


6 thoughts on “Hidden #writephoto

    1. I live in a large village which is being swallowed up by housing development, I didn’t think about when I penned this but perhaps this is my dissapointment at that making its way into the story?


      1. The green belt between my own village and the town five miles away is being steadily swallowed… including a Civil War battlefield, a Roman road, an ancient village and the site of the manor house of Elizabeth I’s Champion… and most of it built on fields that always flood…

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