Busy editing my book(s) so here’s a lazy reblog.

Kyt Wright

Gothic Architecture And Ornament intended for The Best Gothic Architecture Collections

‘Patience’ said Grall.

‘Patience?’ replied Thurg ‘we’ve been waiting hundreds of years.’

‘’We have to wait until the Master returns then we can be free.’ answered Grall.

‘I hope he comes soon’ said Kluurk from the far corner of the tower ‘the longer we’re stuck up here the more likely something might happen to us, remember what happened to Tokk?’

They didn’t like to talk about Tokk, he been closest to the lightning conductor, even now thunderstorms caused them great trepidation.

‘Look there’s that bloke on a bike again, every day he cycles past whistling and then he goes back again later. I’d love to fly down and take his soul.’ complained Thurg.

‘He’s just going to work and back don’t let it get on your nerves, they only have short lifespans so he’ll be gone soon. Just have a little…’

‘Don’t say it!’

‘Patience’ continued Grall.

‘Aargh you just…

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