Kista comes to Bliss Bay – an abridged extract.

I am considering turning my Bliss Bay stories into a full length novel, any thoughts?



“Aren’t you going to have that shower?” Kista asked curiously. “I have fresh clothing for you.

“You’re going watch aren’t you?” there were no curtains on any of the cubicles.

“You are an enemy prisoner Sam, I can’t leave you alone can I?”

“You’re going to get a kick out of this aren’t you He-she?”

“I lectured in ethnology before the war, my role here is to study you fixters, to understand how you work.”  Viko replied with a grin. “Humans fascinate me.”

Laster undressing quickly got into a shower, the warm water felt so good after days of sleeping in filthy clothes, he realised was no longer alone, the Melian’s naked body was pressed close behind his, ver temperature higher than human.

“Do you like men or women Sam?” ve purred in his ear.

“I prefer women.” He replied nervously.

“Lucky for you I’m in vame.” Kista moved the hand to his groin, the alien’s touch rousing feelings his ordeal had made him all but forget.

Remembering that vame was the Melian female stage Sam asked. “Are you like a woman now?”

“Why don’t you find out?” ve husked, ver hand released its grasp allowing Sam to turn around…


Suggested by The Dark Netizen’s challenge.

200 words exactly.

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