The snowmen.


No-one knew from whence they came, or why indeed they looked the same.

Three rolled balls of different size, immobile snowmen without mouth or eyes.

The TV news showed on the screen, wintry figures stood where snow before had never been.

Desert, jungle, swamp and parched plain, the shapes appeared and did remain.

Impervious to heat or sun, some even shot them with a gun.

People first thought it was a joke, until one made claim that they spoke.

With voices menacing, hard as ice, “You have been judged as naughty not nice!”

It snowed wherever they were found, white blankets spreading all around.

“We had this coming” many said, “It’s not our fault” others wailed in dread.

Nations joined against the foe, an army of impregnable motionless snow.

No flame or bomb could damage them for they would just reform to freeze again.

As more appeared temperatures fell the world turning to a frozen hell.

Until no colour remained but purest white, not a living thing in sight…


(Merry Christmas everybody 😈)

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