Name three things…

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Name Three …

Things you can find in a garbage/rubbish/trash can beginning with the letter D?

Damaged dish, a discarded disc and dogmess (best not look in my bin)!

Things that can be found floating on the wind?

Dandelion clocks, paper bags, the answer my friend.

Things in a river that are not fish?

Tyre, shopping trolley, condom.

Things found around the house beginning with the letter E?

Emery board, eggcup, elf (well it is Christmas)!

Animals that don’t have the letter E in their name?

antilowp, zrbra, giraff (okay, aardvark, okapi, axolotl… better?).

Bands/Groups that have three [3] in their name [not a song]?

The Three Degrees, Three Dog Night, Fun Boy Three (except they weren’t).

Holidays/Vacations that only involve visiting ruins?

Greece, Egypt and Grimsby (seriously… have you been there?)

Things that can seriously ruin your day?

Car doesn’t start, not enough milk for cereals, having to go to work (this happens far too often).

Roman Gods?

Vesta, Janus, Pluto (and yes it is still a planet!).

Animals that lay eggs? [Monotremes ]

A Duck-billed Platypus, an Echidna,  another Echidna.

Three letters in the alphabet that don’t sound the same as the other letters?

A, O, Z (UK english of course)

Gemstones that start with the letter T?

Topaz, turquoise, tanzanite (swings from tree to tree).

Cocktails that begin with the letter M?

Mojhito, Moscow Mule, Monkey Gland (yes, it’s real).

Hobbies that are no longer as popular as they were twenty years ago?

Matchstick models, Airfix Kits, Naked Barbed Wire Hurdling.


That’s my choice, what’s yours?




2 thoughts on “Name three things…

  1. Animals that don’t have the letter E in their name?

    Antilowp, zrbra, giraff (okay, aardvark, okapi, axolotl… better?).

    Awesome Kyt well done 🙂

    AS l live and breathe, never did l think l would hear of another Naked Barbed Wire Hurdler, alas yes as a sport tis gone, and of course if you jumped too low so did everything else!

    Liked by 1 person

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