The coming storm.


“Hey old man, how’s the big boat coming along?”

“It’s nearly finished Jacet.” replied the septuagenarian.

Jacet and his colleague stared at the massive construction for a while.

“Why is he building a giant barge in the middle of nowhere?” asked the other man.

“He’s gone mad, says a voice in his head told him to.” Jacet laughed.

“Crazy.” said his friend.

“He’s even got his family helping him, I don’t know if it’s out of pity or they believe him.” affirmed Jacet.

“It’s not too late to join us, you would be most welcome and it will secure your place aboard the Ark.” shouted the old man from the scaffolding as they walked off.

“No thanks you senile old fool!” yelled Jacet over his shoulder.

“He’s even named it!” laughed his friend.

“So be it, don’t say I didn’t ask you!” Noah looked up at the gathering clouds, the storm was only days away now. He smiled grimly, Jacet and his like would be sorry soon enough.


Inspired by

Thursday photo prompt: Clouds #writephoto

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