Greer stepped out of the hut, stretched and regarded the coming dawn, he’d left  Sobeth to sleep, the birds were already well into their morning chorus and he rejoiced as the sun brought its warmth to his face.

“You’re up already?” said Sobeth standing at the door, her bump was huge now.

“I was going to let you lie in.”

“Fat chance. the little bugger’s been having a right old dance in here.” she informed him.

“Thought of a name yet?” he asked.

“Greer after his daddy if it’s a boy, Joley if she’s a girl.”

He grinned. “Good choice, I once knew a girl called Joley.”


“Only kidding Sobe.”

She joined him and he put a protective arm around her. “I always like this time of day, it feels like the world is being renewed.” she said.

“Yep and the sun renews the solar batteries too.” added Greer. “Sending the distress call into the ether every day.”

The young mother to be cast her eye over the wrecked spacecraft. “We’ve been here over a year now Greer, do you think anyone will ever come?”


Suggested by Sue Vincent’s photo prompt;

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