The Queen of Questions 2019 – Ten Ends.

  1. What was the last thing that broke down in your house? – Washing machine grrr!
  2. What tv show’s finale do you still think about? – Smiley’s People, a John Le Carre adaptation from 1982.
  3. What is something that deserves to end? – Reality TV (or waiting for a book deal).
  4. What was the last thing you were doing that made you think, “will this just be over already?” – Waiting for open heart surgery (but grim but true), oh and every day at the office.
  5. What is the worst thing someone could do at your funeral/end of life? – Make up stuff about me (I’m dead, tell the awful truth)..
  6. If you could be frozen and reanimated in the future, would you sign up? – If it was a dead (sic) cert then sign me up (who knows, my book might have actually been published by then!).
  7. How long do you have something before you admit it needed to go? – forever, I’m a bit of a squirrel.
  8. What video game do you die the most in? – Anything involving jumping stuff, my hand to eye co-ordination is terrible.
  9. What is your favorite thing to do at the end of summer/winter? Look foward to christmas/look forward to the warmer weather. 😁
  10. If today turned out the be your last day, what are three things you have accomplished in your life? – Married the woman I love, fathered two boys and sung on stage.

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