“Lovely sunset.” observed Tracy.

“First sunset of our new lives.” said Dave. “We should move on to the habitat.”

“I want to stay here for a while.”

“Fair enough.”

The couple watched the sun disappear and then marvelled as they saw the stars come out for the first time.

“Hello.” came a voice and they turned to see another couple coming from the wrecked ship, they looked rather like them. “Were you the first?” asked the man.

“Yes, are we all hatching now?” asked Dave.”

“Looks like it.” replied the man. “I’m Dave by the way and this is Tracy.”

“But we’re Dave and Tracy.” cried Tracy.

Another couple was approaching they looked a lot like Dave and Tracy.

“We’re the original Dave and Tracy!” stated Dave firmly.

“So are we!” answered all the couples, more were arriving.

“Hello, we’re Dave and Tracy.”

“What do you remember?” asked one of the Daves.

“We are to repopulate this planet.” replied a Tracy. “I didn’t know it was just us.”

“It is just us.” said a Dave. “Lot’s of us!”

“I say.” said a Tracy coming from the opposite direction. “Are you coming to the habitat, Dave’s getting some food ready and it’s going to get very cold soon?”

“All of us?”

“Yes it’s more of a prefabricated town. There’s plenty of room, food and everything you need to start a colony”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Tracy, the real one. Dave and I were the only survivors of the seeding mission so we used on the cloning machine on ourselves. Look I can’t stay there’s something urgent I need to attend to.” As she set off towards the ship some of them noticed she was wielding a large spanner, noticing their attention Tracy grinned sheepishly. “It got stuck.”


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