It’s that time of year again so I’ve dusted off this old blog.


All those gathered on the hillside stared agog at the massive object, the colour of bronze and disc-shaped like a shield it hung silently in the sky defying belief.

“‘Foolish mankind!”shouted the man on the cross, his voice seeming to roll like thunder across the landscape. “We could have taught you so much, we discretely tried to guide your development but after hundreds of years of failure my people were ready to leave you to your own devices … I begged to be allowed to give you one last chance even offering to come down amongst you and teach you at a more personal level. I believed man deserved this second opportunity.” the figure on the cross scanned the crowd taking note of the faces. “Yet some of you were willing to listen and I see many of you here and to you I say sorry, my superiors were right, except for you few mankind is not worthy of us. We may meet again someday thousands of years hence when you have dragged yourselves up to where we are now… if of course you have not destroyed yourselves by then.” The man paused and sighed deeply. “I forgive you for what you have done, you cannot begin to comprehend what you have lost.”

The man began to glow brightly from within and was soon enveloped by the light to become a glowing ball. Then rising rapidly into the air it flew into a round portal that had opened in the centre of the disc.

The shining object rotating slowly, rose into the sky as quietly as it had arrived, some watched as the disk shrank to a black dot before finally disappearing from sight.

The Prefect stood on the balcony of his palace within the city, he had no view of the execution site from here but he had seen the disc and the glowing light knowing full well what it meant, his wife Procula joined him as a slave brought them wine.

“He was the most interesting man I have ever met and what he told me was truly astounding my dearest.” he related to her while staring into the blue sky.

“I know my husband, you tried your best.” she reassured him.

“It would seem his incredible story was true… what have I done Procula?” he turned to her anguished.” We have just lost so much, just thrown it all away… just to please the mob… but what could I do?” he asked in anguish. “I gave them chance to substitute him for a violent criminal but no they wanted his blood, the zealots stirred them up of course. I feel I could have done more but our legions are stretched as it is, the last thing I need is further insurrection.”

“Don’t fret so my love.” said his wife. “It will all will have been forgotten by next year and in time to come few will remember the name Pontius Pilate or even…  him? What was his name by the way?”

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