It’s Fibbing Friday.

It’s Fibbing Friday time again! Yippee! Put those fibbing caps on and see what great big whoppers you can spin to answer these questions:


  1. What was the “clue” in Clue? – The location of the Colonel’s Secret Recipe. 🐔

  2. What did Harry Potter really do in the Chamber of Secrets? – Smoke and read Playwizard. 👙

  3. What are mixed nuts? – 9 x 1/4 UHF, some M3 stainless steel and half a dozen 4BA (nerdy engineer coming out out here!). 🔩

  4. What is a Stubbie holder (no cheating)? – A container for paintings of horses by famous artist George. 🏇

  5. What’s a Scouser (no cheating)? – Someone from Manchester (this could upset a few people!”😁

  6. What happened on April 10, 221 BCE? – At approximately 1500hrs the the emporor Qin Shi Huang invented the Fortune Cookie. 🍪

  7. Why did Mario and Luigi dislike toads? – Their mother kissed one. 💋🐸

  8. Why were the Blues Brothers sad? – Their sunglasses were stuck to their heads. 🕶

  9. What happened to make the summer magic? – A lot of sacrifices in winter. 🧙‍♀️

  10. What was the secret of Nimh? – The actual location of the Colonel’s Secret Recipe. 🍗

  11. Where did Gulliver travel to? – Maguluf on a stag party trip. 🤢

  12. What did the Avengers avenge? – John Steed and Emma Peel avenged themselves against Marvel for pinching their idea. 😂

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