Colonel Wendell strode along the battlement admiring the view over the lake, as an engineer he found the design of the fortification perfect almost perfect.

Sergeant Goode emerged from one of the lower doors to signal to him that all was in order, the officer descended from the rampart and mounted his horse to lead his men out through the arched gateway of the castle.

When they had reached a safe distance Wendell dismounted and went to stand by his sergeant’s side. “Tis a fair edifice Goode, shame that we have to slight it.”

“Aye sir, but we have to obey what Parliament says do we not?” the man replied.

“Yes, you are indeed right Sergeant, light the fuse.”

Kyt 2019

During the English Civil War many castles and fortified houses were slighted by the Parliamentarians to stop them being used by the Royalists. Most of the destruction was in Wales, the Midlands, and Yorkshire e.g. Pontefract Castle. The coastal fortifications were spared by the Commonwealth, as they might have been useful for hindering a Royalist or foreign invasion.

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