Looking out from within the shadows, the tiny being studied the landscape around the dolmen, so this was the Overworld? A land lost in memory, a world of clumsy giants.

Sybon could see a group of them alighting from a strange boxy thing sat upon round black circles and flitting on gossamer wings, flew unseen towards them.

“See, it’s lovely!” said the female. “I used to come here with mum and dad years ago.”

There were four in all, a large male with a female and two smaller creatures possibly children?

“Well it is nice, bit blowy tho’?” ventured the male.

“You townie, what’s wrong with a bit of fresh air?”

Sybon could not understand their language but they did not seem the frightening creatures they were portrayed as in the tales handed down from generation to generation.

“Wow! That’s a big bee.” exclaimed the male suddenly.

Sybon’s heart leapt she had been seen!

“Probably a fairy” laughed the woman in response as the diminutive being fled towards the dolmen, wings buzzing.

“Don’t tell me you still believe in that claptrap?” asked the man, the woman merely smiled in response.

“Is is a fairy, mummy?” the smaller creatures had been chasing each other around laughing and now one had now run up to ask her mother the question.

“No darling, it’s like daddy said, just a big bee.”

“It looked like a little person with wings” suggested the other.

“It’s gone to that stone thing!” said the older child.

“It’s called a dolmen, people used to be buried in them” explained the mother.

“Uh!” said the younger child.

“Race you there!” challenged her sister.

The woman watched them run off. “Don’t go too far!” she warned.

“You didn’t answer my question, Mary, do you believe in fairies still?”

“It would be a poor world if there weren’t things to believe in,” she answered, she had seen something like that once, a long time ago.

Sybon watched the smaller creatures for a while as they skipped around, laughing and playing. These people, even the larger ones, seemed benign and harmless!

She flew into the tiny hole at the foot of the largest stone and back down into the world of faerie, she would tell the others, but it would take further and longer missions to ascertain if the humans were no longer a threat. Perhaps it was finally time to re-emerge into their world?

Eventually though, it would be down to the Seelie Court to decide if it was war or peace.

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Thursday photo prompt: Within #writephoto

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