The philosopher lay on his stomach staring into the pool and after watching the world mirrored in it’s shiny surface for several hours, wondered aloud. “Is this true reality displayed below, are we merely its reflection?”

His followers, waiting patiently muttered amongst themselves, then one, braver than the rest, ventured. “But how can this be proved, master? For we all know that if you were to dive into this pool, you would see only the rocks and silt below and were you to look up, see only the sky, the world and all that which we already know?”

“Ah, but you see young Apollonia, you will have only broken the surface of the water, not the reflection itself which will return once the pool has settled, exactly as before.” Nestor repiled.

“So are you saying that the pool is a gateway to a world beyond ours?” asked another student, emboldened by Apollonia’s questioning.

“No Galen, I am saying that all reflection, whether it is from water or polished armour, might well be a window to another place, a world if you wish.”

“But can this be proved, master?” asked Apollonia, returning to her original thread.

“Oh, dear child, that is not the nature of philosophy,” he looked towards the falling sun. “I have kept you young people long enough, it is time for us to return.” Nestor gave a rare chuckle and cast a final glance into the pool. “Can I prove it, Apollonia? dear oh dear!”

On the other side of the pool, rosteN gave a rare chuckle and cast a final glance into the pool.  “!read ho read ?ainollopA, ti evorp naC”

Kyt 2019

Suggested by Sue Vincent’s photograph.


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