An ideal world

“Well” announced Baphomet studying the probe’s footage. “This would seem to be the ideal place.”

“Indeed sir!” agreed Asrael, the new world was perfect it had water and a breathable atmosphere. True there were a few things that needed tweeking but the terraforming teams would soon sought that out.

“Then if it’s agreed by the council we’ll make preparations to settle here immediately.” stated the Commander. “And this time we’ll get it right, I don’t want to see another planet ruined by mis-management.”

“There’s just one fly in the ointment, sir” said Lilith.

“And that is?” asked Baphomet.

“The indigenous population” was her answer.

“Oh don’t worry I’m sure Lucifer will cook up something to eradicate the, er, what do they call themselves?”

“The human race…”

Kyt 2019

Suggested by Sue Vincent’s photo challenge.

Thursday photo prompt: Stillness #writephoto

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