Fibbing Friday Again

1. ‘She had the biggest aspidistra in the world.’ But what is an aspidistra? A smaller version of a pythonidistra.
2. What is the main ingredient in Beef Wellington? Lamb.
3. Who was Tufty? Squirrel Nutkin’s highway code obsessed relative.
4. What is a Port Folio? The opposite of a Starboardfolio.
5. What is a bootee? A small kickee.
6. What is meant by ‘You have been tangoed’? When you open a can of a certain drink and an orange man appears then forces you to dance.
7. What is a blue bottle? A police fly.
8. How do you make shortbread? Take some longbread and cut it in half.
9. What colour is cotton candy? Pink and white stripes.
10. What are cowslips and snap dragons? Cowslips are bovine petticoats and snapdragons are crispy wyverns.

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