Meeting of monsters

Another airing of an old post.

monster illustration
Photo by Tookapic on

The figure in the white mask entered the shadowy building and raised a bloodied carving knife at the sight of a similar shape wearing a hockey mask, and brandishing an axe.

“Hey, you guy’s we’re not here to harm each other!” hissed wild-eyed Jack to the pair, who were sizing up to each other, he was also nursing a fire-axe. “We’re here to meet the main man, the real harbinger of doom.”

“Which incidentally, ought to be me!” intoned a tall man clad in a black leather outfit, his bald bone-white head scored and marked with steel pins.” He held out a puzzle box to Jack. “Do you dare to open it?”

Jack regarded the wooden cube with his maniacal stare. “All work and no play does make Jack a dull boy but I’ll take a rain-check if may?”

“What’s wrong with that pair, can’t they talk?” asked the burnt janitor picking at his stripy jumper with a clawed glove while nodding at the menacingly silent duo.

“If anything you talk too much, Fred.” replied Jack.

“They don’t say much, it’s their particular style, I would say down to their disturbed childhoods, not at all like us wouldn’t you say?” related the cannibal psychologist in his sinister yet calm voice while casting a glance around the motley but gruesome assortment gathered together.

“If you ride that tricycle over my foot once more I’ll smash you into splinters you stupid puppet!” cried Fred.

“Bit of a nightmare isn’t it.’ The wooden monstrosity replied. “Want to play a game?”

“Be quiet all of you, he’s here!” announced the pinhead.

A creature walked into the circle of light and all the horrors, the monsters and creatures of the night baulked at the sight, reeling back at the feeling of terror and dread it instilled even in them.

“This is surely the most horrendous creation on God’s or any other earth.” shrieked the shape in the hockey mask.

“Truly!” cried the creature in the Halloween mask.”

“Good evening my fellow purveyors of terror, my colleagues in gore.” The creature announced as it flicked its long ears and twitched its whiskered nose before shrugging blue jacketed shoulders. “My name’s Peter, I’m so glad you could come.”

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