Punkie Night

stick broom and small pumpkins
Photo by Thirdman on Pexels.com

They’d wander round with spectral light, dressed with intent to cause a fright and did once call it Punkie night,

You modern tricksters ready to receive, sweet treats upon All Hallows Eve, are pretenders so naive, erzatz witches with no spells to weave.

Yet still they go from house to house and door to door with no respect for pagan lore.

In days gone they went with lantern-light and costumes to hide scared souls from sight, in fear that darkness might resurrect, some goblin or fiend of foul aspect.

The bravest ventured into the night to banish spectre, ghoul or fearsome wight.

Yes, Halloween has a darker mien, our old world had things best left unseen.


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