😂Friday Fibbing🤣

close up photo of woman biting her lower lip
Photo by Ali Pazani on Pexels.com

1. What is a tie dye – a liquid used to stain lengths of cloth worn about the neck.
2. What is a raglan sleeve – A woolly scabbard to keep your Raglan in.
3. What is seersucker – One of those little fish that attach themselves to sharks.
4. What is meant by a dropped waist – a condition faced when the dieting fails very badly.
5. What is a yoke collar – made of the finest quail’s eggs.
6. What is meant by pigeon toed – the ability to fall asleep on branches without falling off.
7. How many pleats are in a kilt – is that a five pleated kilt or a three pleated kilt?
8. What is bias binding – a way of reinforcing political beliefs.
9. What is velcro – a Swiss cheese.
10. What is twill webbing – an ancient practice involving ducks, practised in the Fen district.

More nonsense by Kyt Wright 2021

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