Pushing the brand!

A new book from my BLKDOG friends broached the literary horizon recently and since a certain Kyt Wright is among the the cornucopia of talent therein, I thought it only right to give it mention.

If you like your humour dark and your history alternate then this is for you…

redbook final ebook -AJ

The War is over, Britain has fallen.

It wasn’t necessarily that Britain had lost the Second World War. In fact, the Citizen Survivors would disagree whether they had simply bowed out, if it was still raging on somewhere else, or whether the whole thing was simply an unfortunate misunderstanding that they were better off having no part of.

Citizen Survivors: The Red Book is a nightmarish black comedy, retelling history’s most famous ‘what if?’ – Not only what if Britain lost World War Two, but what would that mean for those who survived?

The Red Book is a dystopian anthology containing eleven short stories written by ten authors. Often tragic, often spooky, often funny, but always weird.

Mirroring and inspired by many historical realities and possibilities, join the Citizen Survivors as they try to piece together what has happened to their world and how they confront their new reality.

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