Fibbing Friday? Suspiciously it’s Saturday

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It’s been long time since I did one of these; I’ve so busy editing my latest manuscript, it seems to have taken over my non-working life. 🙁

So… time for some silliness. 😁

1. What is a menagerie? – A zoo with only male animals 🦓

2. What is Victoria’s Secret? – Her name was really Ethel. 👵

3. What is the secret of The Black Magic Box? – They’re not actually made of chocolate. 🐱‍👤

4. What do hurricanes, tornadoes and mosquitoes have in common? – They’re all things you don’t want on holiday. 🌪🌩🦟

5. What do Merlin and a Griffin have in common? – They both end with an “in”, Duh! 🤭

6. Complete this famous trio: Sooty, Sweep and …………………….. Dustpan! 🐼

7. Who are the Telly Tubbies? – Couch potatoes; gone too far! 📺

8. Why are Hymns not called Hers? – I’ve been married for 40 years; do you seriously think I’m going down this path?🤔😅😂🤣

9. Whose signature logo is The Whopper? – It was originally Wimpy from Popeye, but he lost the court case 🍔

10. What is skiffle? – That thing dogs do on slippy surfaces. 🐶

This excuse for levity inspired by;

2 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday? Suspiciously it’s Saturday

  1. Oh these were such fun Kyt! I didn’t even think about the Merlin and Griffin having ‘in’ in common, and 2 and 8 were inspired. We celebrate 30 years of marriage on Monday, so congratulations on your Ruby anniversary. Thanks for playing along.

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