🤡Fribbing Fiday!🤡

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  1. What exactly is a “rhetorical question?” – Is this some kind of quiz? 🤔

  2. What is meant by a “hair’s breadth”? – The safe following distance used by van drivers. 🚚

  3. How long is a “New York minute”? –  Depends on how close to the speed of light you are. ⏳

  4. What does it mean to “fly by the seat of your pants”? – A special technique not endorsed by Major Airlines. 🛬

  5. What does “by the skin of your teeth” mean? – To discover Something extremly rare (as it is very hard to skin teeth). 🦷

  6. What are “the dog days of summer”? – they immediately precede the walker days of autumn. 🐕🚶‍♂️

  7. What does it mean to “go ’round Robin Hood’s barn“? – It’s the safest way to avoid an outlaw’s premises. 🐱‍👤

  8. What does it mean when a project “gets the green light”? – You can expect the green hornet to be summoned. 🦸‍♂️

  9. What does it mean to “eighty-six” something? – To heat it to half the temperature of a well-done steak. 🥩

  10. What or where exactly is “file thirteen”? – Between 12 and 14 on the manicurist’s scale. 💅

Kyt 2021

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