Joe Laconic

monochrome photo of man wearing cowboy hat
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The reporter found him sitting on the veranda outside the saloon. “Mister, I’m from the Creek City Gazette and wondered if i might ask you a few questions?

Joe raised his head from his whisky to regard the man; his clean suit marked him out as a city slicker. “S’pose so.”

“Well, folks round here tell me you once stopped the Clyde gang from robbing the Lone Star bank?”

The grizzled old cowboy nodded briefly.

“Folks also say you single handedly wrestled a bear and won?”

The man pursed his lips and inclined his head briefly.

“And that you ran into a burning building to save a child?”

He looked at the reporter with weary eyes. “Yep!”

“That’s incredible, you’ve done all these heroic things and yet I’m led to understand you don’t like to talk about it?

Joe sighed, put down his glass then got up from his chair and walked off.

Kyt 2021

Inspired by Fandango’s one-word challenge.

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