Yadirf Gnibbif!

It’s that time of week again!

clown creepy grinning facepaint
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

1. You either love it or hate it. – My book? 📚
2. They said you want to ‘Splash it all over’ – The worst advert for liquid manure ever. 💩
3. Why have cotton when you can have silk? – Because Dot Silk would never cut it in Eastenders (Brits will get it). 🧓
4. ‘Because you’re worth it ‘ – The second worst advert for liquid manure. 💩
5. ‘It does exactly what it says on the tin……..’ – Anusol… don’t touch your eye. 🔥
6. What ‘Gives you wings’? – Tenalady. 👼
7. Where will you find an ‘awful lot of coffee’? – Any writer’s desk (true again). 🖨
8. What is ‘Any time, any place, anywhere……… ?’ – I think I know this person. 💋
9. What is soft, strong, and very ,very long? – A tapeworm. 🐛
10. Name the product where ‘A little dab’ll do ya’ – Acme Sulphuric Acid. ‼


Thanks for the inspiration, pensivity101.


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