Friday Fibs

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  1. What TV show was the first “reality” TV show? – “Come See The Daisies Grow”; real-time footage of flowers growing in a 1950’s garden, it was considered racy at the time. 🌼🌷🌹🌻🌼🥀
  2. What is the premise of Top Chef? – It was a cartoon about a gang of cooks who lived in a dustbin and their exploits with the local cop, Officer Dribble; it was later remade using cats instead of chefs. 👨‍🍳😹
  3. Why is it called X Factor? – It’s a contraction of XXXX which is what I think about it. 🤬
  4. What kind of act or acts won’t you see on America’s (or Britain’s) Got Talent? – Talent?🤣
  5. What show spawned the phrase, “You’ve been voted off the island”? The final episode of Lost. 🏝
  6. What is the premise of Project Runway? – People try to land planes on decreasingly smaller landing strips; the survivor wins. 🛬
  7. What show put a bunch of washed-up B list actors in a house together? – The Kardashians? 🤪
  8. What was the first reality show to feature the an aging rock star and his family? – “At home with Iggy Pop” (now, that’s a show worth seeing). 💀
  9. What reality TV show was created in response to the popularity of Desperate Housewives? – “Content Husbands”. 👴
  10. What was the show American Chopper about? – Managed forestry in Alaska. 🌲


Many thanks for the inspiration

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