Fibbing Friday…Saturday?


1.   What is meant by a break in the weather?; When the sun takes a holiday, usually every 150 million years, and it’s tomorrow.
2.   Why does thunder clap?; To show it’s appreciation for the storm.
3.   What is a heat wave?; When the Devil greets you as you arrive in Hell.
4.   What are hot pants? Underwear, fresh from the microwave.
5.   Who or what is canned heat?; Acme Canned Heat – Patent Tinned Nitroglycerin was available in the late 1800’s for a very short time before the factory vanished overnight.
6.   Who sang ‘The heat is on’?; Noosha Fox in 1979 (actually this true).
7.   Where will you find hot air?; Every governmental building in any country.
8.   Who starred in the film Heat?; Al Paraffino and Robert De Nero (on fiddle).
9.   Who or what is Hot Gossip?; Scurrilous rumour-mongering in Hell (guaranteed passage to the lower circles).
10. What is a hot toddy?; A microwaved cuddly toy.


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