🤡vendredi menteur🤡



eiffel tower paris at nighttime
Photo by Samuel Walker on Pexels.com


1. What is usually shaken and not stirred? Me on a rollercoaster. 🎢
2. Who was Dr No? A distant cousin of Dr Who. 🌌
3. What is a Thunderball? A game played between the Greek gods and the Aesir 🎳
4. Who sang ‘For Your Eyes Only?’ The Ernst Stavros Blofeld Four.
5. What does ‘M’ stand for? Mighty Boss 🤵
6. What snack did ‘Q’ almost lose when showing off one of his latest gadgets? His Nik-Naks 🍟
7. What was sent from Russia with Love? A pair of signed underpants from Putin. 🩳
8. What scares the living daylights out of you? Ghosts. 👻
9. What does a Moonraker do? It’s a robot that used to clean up after Apollo astronauts. 🤖
10. What is You Only Live Twice about? Short Sighted Buddhism. 👓


Grâce à https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com/2021/09/10/fibbing-friday-10th-september/

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