🎆Fibbing Friday🎇

fireworks photo
Photo by Peter Spencer on Pexels.com

pensivity101 has given us a set of Bonfire Night themed suggestions this week;

1.  Where did Fireworks originate? – Mars, according to George Tsolakis. 🛸
2.  What gives fireworks their colour? – Fairy dust and unicorn hair. 🦄
3.  What does PGI stand for? – Pfirework night, Great Innit? 🎇
4.  What is the difference between a Firework and a Firecracker? – Firecracker cheese is quite hot and fireworks taste a bit chemically. 🧀🧨
5.  Which country uses fireworks on August 20th to mark its National Celebration Day? – The Vatican, especially Roman Candles.
6.  What is a sparkler? – A baby sparkle. 🎆
7.  Who is the largest manufacturer and exporter of fireworks in the world? – The Pentagon. 🚀
8.  To what does baozhang refer? a hook for suspending cheap alcohol from. – 🍾
9.  Who composed Music for The Royal Fireworks? – Prince Albert on the Hammond organ. 🎹
10. What is a Chocolate Bomb? – A weapon invented by Willy Wonka for use in the Cadbury – Nestlé Easter Egg War. 💣

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