Oldness beckons

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A ramble by me – waffle alert!

I turn 65 today and I am feeling it much more than reaching 60 ( having not pegged out in my early fifties – thanks to open-heart surgery), there is the comfort of knowing that in a year I will be able to retire (although some people I work with would argue that I retired years ago).

Am I ready for it though?

Yes, a strange calmness seems to have come upon me in the past few months as if  accepting the inevitability of it all – hopefully a calmness that will last me for many, many, years to come.

The future?

I have my grandchildren to occupy my time now, not to mention being able to concentrate on writing, which will become no less florid I hasten to add!

My wife of forty-two years and I are contemplating restarting buying/selling at auctions as we did many years ago, although it is very much the thing and everyone is doing it.

We have already been frequenting garden centres and farm shops for some time (as with many silver surfers), both for plants and the like, and for nice fresh produce, or a cup of tea/coffee and cake/sandwich. Although we both wear Pavers-type shoes there is no sign (and hopefully never will be) of the white cap and yachting jackets sported by many denizens of the aforesaid establishments.

At three decades plus there is a little disappointment that there are no bases on the moon, no flying cars and no silver suits with jetpacks. So many things didn’t happen at the turn of the twenty-first century but we do have a lot of things never foreseen (curiously did anyone foresee Kate Bush and Abba in the charts again, the return of train strikes and a new Cold War with Russia?).

As I stated at the top this is a ramble so don’t make too much of it – I rarely blog but hell, it’s my birthday.

Kyt 29/06/2022

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