Friday Fibs

man wearing halloween makeup of clown
Photo by Clement percheron on
  1. Garlic is said to ward off [What] ?  Romance.
  2. Man does not live by [What] alone? Sirloin steak, you need some veg to push to one side.
  3. Fish isn’t everyone’s favourite, because ..? You do realise fish do other things in the sea than just swim?
  4. Eat more green and you’ll be lean and ? Left wanting meat.
  5. Over imbibing may invoke the hair of the [what] the next day? Creepy baldy man.
  6. Revenge is a dish best served ?  From behind, with a sock full of coins.
  7. Little Jack Horner stuck his thumb in a Christmas pie and pulled out? A badly burned digit.
  8. Raw fish is a delicacy when prepared as [What]?   Ready to be dipped in batter and fried.
  9. An apple a day does what? Helps to sell more apples.
  10. Ice cream is best on a ? Cornet with a flake and red sauce.

Thank you Melanie for this weeks food based questions.


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