Fibbing Friday

white rabbit on blue and white plaid textile
Photo by cottonbro on

Another crock of non truths for the weekend

1. What is carpal tunnel? A special underwater passage for a certain type of fish.
2. What is tennis elbow? A unique method for  playing the sport.
3. What is a pulled muscle? One that has already been removed from it’s shell.
4. What is tinnitus? An ersatz type of goldinitus.
5. What are crows feet? Things on the ends of crow’s legs – duh?
6. What are hammer toes? A move in Kung Fu.
7. What is pink eye? common to white rabbits.
8. What is vertigo? A shade of green rather like that of verdigris on copper.
9. What are cataracts? The opposite of dogaracts.
10. What is swimmer’s ear? Large webbed extremities useful for travelling through water.

Thanks to pensitivity101 for this week’s posers.


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