Fibbing Friday

two dinosaur statues
Photo by Mike B on

1. Why did all the dinosaurs die? – They didn’t listen to the scientists.

2. Why are there so many stories about the great flood? – there was no weather back then so they had to talk about something.

3. What happened at Hadrian’s wall? – Boudicca was going to charge too much for re-pointing, and that’s why it’s in such a state today.

4. How long was the hundred years war? – 97 years, King Henry lost count halfway through.

5. Why was it all quiet on the western front? – Someone cut the speaker wires.

6. What was the Boxer Rebellion all about? – They were striking for nicer fur-lined gloves.

7. What caused the Titanic to sink? – Aliens! (the Giorgio Tsoukalos/History Channel interpretation)

8. Why do they want us to remember the Main? – you need to know where to turn the gas off in case there’s a leak.

9. What happened to Amelia Earhart? – Aliens! (see 7)

10. Who was involved in the Iran Contra scandal? – I’m not going to say it was aliens but it was aliens.

Questions this week by pensitivity101


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