A candid shot

Candid: truthful and straightforward; frank, (of a photograph of a person) taken informally, especially without the subject’s knowledge.

Sirki rear

“Mz Vigsdottir, so glad you agreed to settle out of court”

“Thank you Mr Wallis, this rather handsome payment will, of course, go to the Heremann’s Wives charity. They deserve it far more than me and if I’m frank I don’t want to profit from this sordid business!” stated Sirki firmly.

The Reignweald Reporter had posted exclusive poolside pictures of Sirki, better known as Freya, the Nation’s Sweetheart, on their net-page. They had been taken using a drone without her knowledge and since the singer habitually swam naked the network was oversubscribed in minutes. The resulting furore had seen her take the media company to law.

“I’m afraid the individual who forwarded them to us was anonymous” said the editor. “I can only apologise once again, Mz Vigsdottir, and we have of course destroyed the originals.”

“A bit late now they’re all over the net,” muttered Adrian Barnet, her producer, who had accompanied his greatest asset to the news-media’s premises.

They all shook hands and Sirki left the building with Adrian to get into the waiting taxi, and as it was driven off the scrid passed a video-board showing a poolside picture of her, suitably censored, with the caption. “Freya accepts settlement from the Reignweald Reporter.”

“Well there’s another piece of my dignity gone,” remarked Sirki. “But they do say no publicity is bad publicity, don’t they?” she added, glancing slyly at Adrian.

“Hmm?” responded Barnet while regarding the comm-screen on his golden wristband. “Well I never, sales of all your old recordings have started to pick up even Harvest Moon, and that album was shit!” He rolled his eyes in mock surprise. “You’re on the up again my dear.”

Sirki beamed widely. “Told you it would work didn’t I?”