A new beginning


Death watched as the universe died to a tiny point of light, the other three riders  long dissipated into entropy. After all what use were War, Famine and Pestililence when there was nothing left for them to affect? Death had one last duty which was to witness the end of days then she herself would have no reason to be, the last glimmer of light seemed to be hanging on as if desperate not to go.

Death could only watch the inevitable, unable to intervene when something unexpected happened, the glimmer brightened visibly and a new universe expanded from nothing, there was no discernible big bang.

Death had not been present the first time, what need was there for mortality when everything was brand new?

If Death could have smiled she would have done, the other three horsemen would doubtless return to join her when the denizens of this new universe began their downward spiral.

Perhaps not’ thought Death. ‘A new beginning for everything, they may get it right this time.’