Alec through the looking glass

Warning; this tale is ever so slightly X-rated.

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Alec Huddleston regarded his latest purchase, he had been passing the old house and spotting the sign “Auction Sale Today” had wandered in, more out of curiosity than any desire to buy. The auctioneer was one of those lively types often seen on television and had the knack of whipping up excitement in the bidders, Alec decided not to get drawn in and decided to be merely an observer when…

“Lot 101, a lovely mirror in a rather gothic style once hung I believe in the hall of this very building, shall we say £50 to start?”

Alec had on impulse thrust up his hand.

“£50 to the gentleman, do we see £55?”

A well-dressed woman raised her ticket.

“£55 any further bids?”

A man joined the bidding.

“£60” the auctioneer looked at Alec. “Come on sir it’s only fiver!”

Alec re-joined and the three of them pushed the price to £190 in favour of the woman.

The auctioneer regarded the other man “one more bid sir?” he shook his head.

“And what about you sir?” Alec looked sheepishly at the mirror “you’ve come so far, just one more!” the auctioneer badgered and Alec half-reluctantly nodded agreement, he could afford it.

“One more madam?” he asked, the woman shook her head firmly.

“The hammer is coming down” he announced excitedly. “Going once?” he looked around. “Going twice, the hammer is going at £200 to?”

Alec held up his paddle.

“Number 13, lucky for some and lucky for you sir!” he brought the gavel down.

He intended to hang it in the main room of his penthouse apartment as a counterpoint to the minimalist decoration and was musing on the skill of the man who had sold it to him, was it really worth £200 plus auction costs?

It was a large mirror about a metre wide by a metre and a half tall and surprisingly light, the glass was slightly foxed and the black frame had elaborate carving caked in dust and grime.

He cleaned the frame and after examining the carvings his mouth dropped open, the dark wood was extensively engraved in what could be best described as porn. How did he not spot this before he bought it? Various figures were indulging in various sexual acts singularly, as couples and in several places triples! Interspersed between these erotic scenes were what looked like zodiacal or possibly alchemic symbols, at the top of the frame was a moon with a rather leering face. The craftsmanship was beautiful despite the content and he wondered if he had actually paid too little for it.

His on-off girlfriend Beattie came to stay that night and looked at the mirror hanging on the bare white wall in horror. “Alec this puts Fifty Shades to shame, I don’t like it at all!”

“Hey Beattie it’s got some age to it and I got it at a good price.” He assured her.

“How much?” she asked.


She pulled a face. “I suppose that’s reasonable but don’t get any ideas from that thing, I wouldn’t consider doing half of what they’re doing.”

“What about the other half?” he asked with a grin

“We’ll see…”

Alec wandered from the bedroom later that night to get a glass of water from the kitchen, as he lived on the sixth floor the curtains in the main room were rarely shut and the full moon was shining through the window. He glanced at the mirror as he passed and pulled up sharp.

The room reflected in the mirror was not the minimalist shrine of which he was so proud but was decorated in the Art Deco style. Alec put the light on and the room in the mirror lit up, he stood admiring the lines of the furniture and the wall plaques, the back of a clock was visible on a mantelpiece (which his room did not have) along with a couple of statuettes of athletic girls with hoops and very little by way of clothes. Red and cream dominated the colour scheme and he could spy a stained glass window which reminded him of an old cinema door, turning off the light Alec went back to the mirror to see the moonlight streaming through the window in the mirror room. A door ajar in the opposite corner of the room gave a tantalising view of a lit corridor, he was straining his neck to see down it when the light came on.

He stepped back in shock “there was someone coming into the room!”

“What are you doing?” Beattie was stood there, her naked body illuminated by the moonlight.

“I was going to get a glass of water, you should see this!”

She looked in the mirror. “I suppose the moonlight is quite romantic, do you want to do it on the couch or something?”

Alec stared in the mirror, which now only showed his sitting room. “Yeah.” he said to hide his confusion.

Beattie grinned, “Okay…”

When he got back from the city that evening the first thing he did was look in the mirror but it showed only his room. He sat down on the white leather couch (that had seen a lot of activity recently) and ate a quick sandwich, wondering about last night while staring at the “porno mirror”, as Beattie had nicknamed it and regarded the leering moon face. Alec had an epiphany, the moonlight shining on it had caused it and it stayed even when the light was on!

Excited by his revelation Alec waited until darkness fell and the moon rose, sure enough as it did his reflection faded to be replaced by the view into the room once again, the flowers on the sideboard by the far wall had been changed was this a window to the past?

The light came on suddenly and a woman walked in, she was dressed immaculately in red with dark coiffed hair in a thirties style and had an hourglass figure. The apparition came up to the mirror and his heart jumped into his mouth, had she seen him! With some relief Alec watched as she checked her lipstick before snatching her handbag from a chair and dashing out, turning off the light as she went. Alec pondered on what he had seen, the woman looked like a film star, was he imagining things?

The next night Beattie looked in the mirror as the moon came up. “There’s nothing different Alec, it’s just you and me in this room.”

“But I saw her there, she was as real as you!”

“Alec, are you alright? You’re not doing drugs again are you?” she asked with concern.

“It was real I tell you!”

“Alec, darling, listen to me as your friend and take this monstrosity down.”

“What, are you saying I’m seeing things?”


“I don’t know..?”

“Please Alec do it for me, remember how you got screwed up before?”

“I’m over that now darling, don’t touch anything, don’t even take Night Nurse when I have a cold.” He grinned. “Perhaps I’m overdoing it at work?”

“That’s better, put the awful thing in the box room then we’ll go out for dinner and maybe I could stay over tonight?” Beattie had lived with him until his binging had driven her away. She still cared deeply for Alec, things had been getting better recently and she secretly hoped their relationship could be healed. He agreed and after removing the offending object to the tiny spare room they went to dine.

Everything was fine for a few weeks then one evening while alone Alec went to the spare room out of curiosity. Switching off the light he opened the curtain and as the pale rays of the waning moon fell upon the looking glass the reflection changed.

This time it showed a different room, there was a dining table, chairs and the walls were papered in a harsh geometric pattern, he watched for a while but nothing happened.

“Perhaps if I moved it to another location?” he thought and carried it into the kitchen which in the mirror world showed a bathroom, his own bathroom reflected the interior of a small cupboard filled with boxes and the like, the hall showed a corridor with many doors leading off.

The bedroom almost surprisingly displayed a bedroom decorated in shades of blue, dresses were strewn across the ottoman at the foot of the large divan, a wardrobe visible to one side displayed more elaborate clothing and expensive looking footwear, but of the stylish woman there was not a sign.

Beattie noticed Alec becoming more distracted as the days wore on and suspecting what was happening walked in unexpectedly one evening to find him sitting on the couch gazing into the mirror. “You still haven’t rid of that fucking thing, you’re obsessed with it!” she exploded.

“But honey the moon’s new, something may show in it again.”

“By something you mean this bloody woman don’t you!” she snapped.

“I just want to know who she is.”

“She is no-one Alec, she doesn’t exist.”

“I saw her!”

“It’s not normal I can’t take it anymore, are you getting rid of that mirror?”

“I will… but not yet.”

“Then I am going, I’m so sorry Alec but I can’t stand to see you go off the rails again.”

“Please Beattie.”

“I’m going to have to think about this, don’t bother to ring me!” Beattie stormed out, tears in her eyes.

“Please darling wait.” He pleaded as the door slammed.

He sat back she was right of course, he should get rid of it, the moon was rising and as it’s light touched a corner of the mirror the reflection changed and there was the woman standing with her back to him and wearing a black dress, who are you?

Heart racing he watched as she shimmied out of it to reveal a black corset with stockings and suspenders, as she began to undo it the moonlight faded and the reflection changed back to his lounge.

“No!” he cried out and looked to the carved moon which seemed to be mocking him, the real moon obscured by clouds, bloody weather!

He awoke next morning on the couch, he had sat watching the mirror late into the night and could not remember falling asleep, it was nine o’clock he was late for work!

Beattie was walking to her office after lunch one day and spotted Alec coming in her direction, she hadn’t seen him for weeks and he looked terrible, bags were under his eyes and his chin was blue with stubble.

“Alec, are you all right?” she called as he wandered past.

“Uh, sorry Beattie didn’t recognise you for a moment.”

“We used to live together, how come..? It’s that bloody mirror isn’t it?” she asked.

“I have to keep watch in case she turns up again, she has again just the once.” his reply.

“Oh Alec this is madness please get rid of it.”

“I will do as soon as I know who she is, it’ll be full moon in a few days, I’m sure I’ll find out then.”

Beattie watched him walk off like an automaton, I’ll find out who she is if only for your sanity!


That night the woman appeared in the mirror once more and undressed completely before walking out of the door, where would she go naked? He took the mirror off the wall and struggled into the kitchen. The woman was already in the bath, she was perfect with ivory skin and full red lips. He watched as she soaped herself carefully all over then sank slowly into the water, she was the most erotic creature he had ever seen. Bath over she stepped out and towelled herself down seeming to take pleasure from the sensation of it, then dropping the towel she teased at her dark pubic hair then stretched her arms wide and looked straight into his eyes! Totally unfazed by his voyeurism the apparition walked towards him.

“You can see me?” he asked in surprise.

She looked puzzled and held a hand to her ear shrugging her shoulders.

“Of course you can see me, who are you?” he asked.

She bent forward and breathed on the mirror from the other side, of course there must be a mirror in her bathroom, she wrote Lexie in the steamed up mirror and smiled.

Alec breathed on the mirror and wrote his name backwards, she smiled then breathed on it again this time writing meet you at full moon.

“Meet you at full moon, what does that mean?” he asked.

She smiled and blowing a kiss walked towards the door, he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Lexie turned and beckoned him with a finger before she left the bathroom Alec rushed into the main room as fast as he could with a large mirror and there she was waiting for him on her side of it, she walked to the other door beckoning to him again. He knew she had to be going to the bedroom and went to his.

He propped the mirror on the chest of drawers and watched her climb onto her bed to begin touching herself, removing his clothes Alec got onto his own bed and they watched each other masturbate.

Beattie phoned the auction room and discovered the mirror had been part of the house since the late 1920s when it was owned by a woman called Alexis St Greer. She had disappeared at the start of World War Two and upon checking the internet she found the woman was alleged be a practitioner of sex magic, reckoned to be have been continuing the early research of a certain Alastair Crowley, the Beast himself. Some later scholars believed she had studied the works of Elizabethan alchemist and necromancer John Dee while others insisted she had access to one of the few genuine “magic mirrors” from China. A particularly eccentric vlogger insisted that St Greer had created her own magical bolt hole which had to be occasionally recharged by orgasmic energy at a full moon.

God, these people are weird she found it all hard to take in, had Alec been following all this shit?  Beattie then found a picture of Alexis St Greer stood in her hall, it was dated 13th September 1933. There were several rather handsome men with her and she looked exactly as described by Alec. On the wall behind the group was the mirror.

Realising it was the 13th of September and there was a full moon tonight she rang Alec on his mobile with the slightest twinge of fear.

“Hi Beattie, it’s nice to hear from you.”

“Alec” she felt relieved. “How are you?”

“Fine, couldn’t be better.” He replied.

“Oh, I was wondering if you had got over that mirror thing.”

“Yes I have, your leaving me made me sit up and think things over, I’m much better now.”

“Glad it to hear it, shall I come over and bring a bottle, no strings obviously?”

“No sorry Beattie, I’ve got a date tonight.”

“Wow you are better, who?”

“Oh er Lexie, look Beattie I have to go she’ll be here soon.”

He ended the call leaving her thinking, Lexie, Alexis… surely not?

Alec straightened his bow-tie and admired his reflection in the mirror. He had hired an old 1930s style suit from the fancy dress shop and was eagerly anticipating his meeting with the mysterious Lexie.

The moon rose on cue and the mirror changed to show her stood before him naked and alluring, she grinned broadly and extending her right hand pushed it through the mirror which rippled as if fluid and beckoned with her left. He took the hand and she drew him through the mirror which gave no obstacle to his passage, climbing down from the mantelpiece in her bedroom he glanced over his shoulder to see an identical mirror showing his apartment as if through a window.

“Alec you dressed up especially for me? That is so sweet of you.” Lexie purred in a silky voice “as you can see it was entirely unnecessary, I have been looking forward to our union for so long.”

“What… how long have you been able to see me?” he asked, there was the smell of expensive perfume.

“I almost caught you looking weeks ago, you turned the light off and moved away but I knew you were there. Then I wore that black corset for you but the silly moon went in, didn’t it.”

“Yes” she had always known!

She started to unfasten the bow tie he had spent so much time on. “Let’s get these things off.” Her voice was honey and silk. “You won’t need them again.”

“Again?” he asked curiously removing his clothes with her help.

“Again tonight of course.” she answered pulling him on to the bed. “You’re going to enjoy this so much, but not as much as me I think.”  Raising her thighs around his waist she drew him in.

Beattie opened the door with her spare key and rushed into the apartment. “Alec where are you?” she yelled. Spotting the blank space where the mirror had been she quickly went into the bedroom, he was not there. She turned to see the mirror propped up on the chest and for the first time saw through to the other side where the woman from the picture sat on the edge of the bed looking replete and beautiful, upon seeing Beattie she grinned broadly, of Alec there was no sign other than some clothes scattered around the floor.

Beattie spotted that Alexis was holding a fine golden chain, it was the St Christopher medal she had bought him and he never took off. “Where is he you bitch?” cried Beattie her anger rising. “What have you done with him?”

The woman could not of course hear her through the glass and continued to smile.

“I’ll teach you, you fucking cow!” and swinging the hammer she had brought Beattie smashed the looking glass into a thousand pieces before sinking to her knees sobbing.

In her mirror world Alexis St Greer looked at the broken glass with vexation then went to fetch a brush and dustpan. She wasn’t too concerned, there were plenty of other mirrors secreted around the country.