Alter Dimension Glossary.


My characters in the other dimension speak in a polyglot of Anglo Saxon, Celtic and Norse languages. I of course write everything in English but pepper their speech with relevant words, some can easily be guessed at but others perhaps not. So here is something to help you enjoy their tales.

Glossary (not the full Sirkkusaga one but it has most words used in the shorts.)

Aegflota – sailor.

Aeglaedere – Naval rank, Leading Seaman.

Aeldor – controller or leader.

Atellan – computer.

Atheling – heir to the throne.

Bladesung – a type of energy weapon (lit. Shining lightning).

Brimwisa – Naval rank, Admiral.

Bydel – officer equivalent to a lieutenant.

Cacaern – jail, prison.

Cempa – officer, equivalent to a lieutenant colonel.

Cempestre – a female warrior.

Craeftwitan – scientist.

Dema – (lit. thinker) an official computer network that stores important and sometimes sensitive information.

Dohtor – doctor.

Dotter – daughter.

Dryicge – witch.

Folcwen – a popular queen loved by the general public.

Foreladtwa – Prime Minister.

Foresteora – Lowest Navy rank, a Lookout.

Frumlida – Naval rank, Chief Petty Officer.

Ffwl – fool, idiot (Brython)

Fyrd – the conscript army of the Reignweald.

Geola – the last month of the year.

Haelinghus – hospital.

Here – the professional army.

Heremann – soldier, squaddie.

Huscarls – Elite royal troops.

Hullu – crazy (Soomi)

Isa – father (Soomi)

Kaunotar – A real beauty (Soomi).

Kitty -slang for female genitalia

‘Kuolema hyökkääjille!’ – death to the invader! (Soomi battle cry)

Lapsi – affectionate term for a child, baby (Soomi).

Liegswaepn – directed energy weapon (lit. Lightning weapon).

Lufestre/lufiend – lover.

Moi – hello (Soomi).

Moi-moi – goodbye (Soomi).

Mummo – grandma (Soomi).

Novae – genetically engineered humans.

Offestre – trained nurse.

Pintel – penis

Polho – idiot, fool (Soomi).

Rakas – a term of affection, dear, darling.

RHW (Randherewaegn) – an amoured personnel carrier.

Seax – a sword like knife, one to two feet in length. Saxons were so named for this weapon.

Scota – professional or highly trained soldier.

Scrid – car

Scunung – abomination, used as a derogatory name for Novae.

Saetere – a spy, one who is insidious, a spreader of sedition.

Sterlinger – a type of assault rifle.

Reignweald – kingdom.

Syndigbat – (lit. swimming boat) a submarine.

Tithe – a unit of ten men.

Undercapitan -Naval rank, Under-captain or lieutenant.

Undercempa – officer, equivalent to a captain.

Wamb – womb.

Waegn- lorry, vehicle.

Wassael – greetings

Wyrd  – fate.

Witan – wise, a wise man, a politician (?).

Witangemot – government.

Ystävä – mate, buddy, friend etc (Soomi).