😈Suspicious Sunday😎

Been under the weather so my answers to pensitivity101s Fibbing Friday are a bit late. These are all true, honest! Well, they might be (or not)! 1. What are you if you are Mabsoot? stating that you are wearing your best formal clothing (ancient Gaelic). 2. What does it mean to nidificate?  to spread nids, […]

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Sleep well Dave

An old friend left us this week after a long and happy life, his youth and spark long gone he had served his master for years as guide dog to finally become our pet. Anyone who has had a dog will feel the pain of loss when the time arrives but after old age and […]

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Friday Fibs

Garlic is said to ward off [What] ?  Romance. Man does not live by [What] alone? Sirloin steak, you need some veg to push to one side. Fish isn’t everyone’s favourite, because ..? You do realise fish do other things in the sea than just swim? Eat more green and you’ll be lean and ? […]

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🦆Fibbing Friday🦆

Anatidaephobia – the irrational fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you 1. What do Donald and Daffy have in common? They’re two of the lesser known Marx Brothers, one became a president and the other is Bugs’ friend. 2. Drake is to Hen as Cob is to ………………. ? Bread roll, although if you […]

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🥱Sleepy Friday😴

This weeks sleepy fibs suggested by Melanie To sleep like a vampire Sleep is the best way of avoiding people Let sleeping axe wielding psychopaths lie I’m going to make corn dollies with the hay Sleep like the policeman Go to sleep with the Wombles Catch some flies Wouldn’t lose a moment’s writing time over it Burn […]

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Fibbing Friday

Inspiration this week provided by Melanie. What ‘quivered’ like a bowl full of jelly? – Me after overindulging last Christmas. What did the Old Woman in the Shoe treasure most of all? – The kids leaving home. If those three mice were blind, how could they make it up the pendulum on that famous clock? […]

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Oldness beckons

A ramble by me – waffle alert! I turn 65 today and I am feeling it much more than reaching 60 ( having not pegged out in my early fifties – thanks to open-heart surgery), there is the comfort of knowing that in a year I will be able to retire (although some people I […]

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