“Lovely isn’t it?” asked Suze, the sky was just the right shade of blue.

“You or the view?” asked Kyle admiring her lithe body, they had made love at the water’s edge and were now finishing their picnic lunch au naturel of course.

Suze laughed and stretched out on the lush grass. “I wish we could stay here for ever.”

“It is nice isn’t it?” he was watching a moorhen gliding by.

“So calm and peaceful, how long before we have to return?” she was listening to the running water.

Kyle checked his wristband. “Twelve minutes and we must be off.”

Suze grinned. “Time enough if we’re quick.”

“You are insatiable…”

Twelve all too short minutes later and after they had dressed, Kyle pressed his wristband and the bucolic scene faded to be replaced by the shiny interior of the hologram-room.

“Maeve 4551 told me it used to be like that on the surface once.” said Suze folding the blanket while Kyle tidied up the food cartons.

“Yes I’ve heard that. Apparently, we blew it all up.”

“That’s sad!”

“Yeah.” He shrugged. “Not much we can do now though.”

“Kyle 7035, Suze 1594 it is time for your work details.” said a voice over the speaker.

The couple stepped out into the cavernous interior of the subterranean city to go their separate ways. “Same time tomorrow?” asked the girl hopefully.

Kyle’s face broke into a grin. “Need you ask?”