Conveyor belt


Zac looked at the box on the conveyor belt, scratched his head then picked up the intercom to ask. ‘are you sure that’s the right item?’

‘That’s what the order said, one Airmax Tower Fan.’ came the reply.

‘The box has all weird writing on it and the picture looks like some kind of gun’ said Zac.

‘Definitely not a tower fan!’ ventured the customer, leaning over the counter.

‘Put it to one side and I’ll send another one down, we’re closing now anyway so tell Tiffany to lock the doors when the customer has left and I’ll pop down and have a look’ said Ralph the senior stockman over the phone.

With the customer gone Tiffany looked at the box and summoning up her six weeks experience at Jason Catalogue Stores ventured. ‘Its deffo not a fan Zac, it looks like one of those fancy water pistol things.’

‘Well done Brain of Britain anyone can see that.’ said Ralph with a hint of sarcasm as he came down the stairs.

‘Brain of Britain what’s that?’

‘Never mind Tiffany you’re too young, you can go home now and bookface your boyfriend or something.’

‘Cheeky sod!’ eager to be off early, Tiffany snatched up her coat and strutted out of the shop on high heels watched eagerly by Zac.

‘Well this is definitely not what I sent down.’ he looked at the young man. ‘Shall we open it?’

‘Ought we too, I mean it’s not ours is it?’

‘Well I’ve been here since this place opened and we have never sold anything remotely like that.’ the picture did look like one of those fancy water cannon things.

‘Is that Chinese writing?’ asked the young assistant.

‘No it’s all weird symbols, nothing like Chinese.’ Ralph carefully opened the box finding the tape could be resealed easily. ‘Hey Zac we can stick it back up with this stuff and no-one will notice anyway.’ he slid the gun out of the box admiring how the weapon fitted nicely into the hand, it was a luminous yellow colour.

‘Now it’s out of the box it does look like a ray gun.’ said Zac ‘can I hold it?’ he asked.

‘Go on lad help yourself lad, hang on, these things must be the batteries.’ Ralph fitted two cylindrical objects the size of C cells into the handle. ‘If this is some old stock no-one knows about we could sell it online maybe?’

‘Whoo.’ Zac waved it round ‘Cop that Kylo Ren!’ he pulled the trigger and there was a sort of twang!

Both stared silently, mouths agape, the entire store front had vanished along with half the bus stop outside, the edges of the missing areas cooling down from a red glow, Tiffany stuck her head out from the surviving half of the bus shelter. ‘Bloody hell!’


‘You lost it, how exactly?’ asked Ralphus, slapping himself on the head with a tentacle in exasperation.

‘I put it on the temporal conveyor belt like you asked and set the co-ordinates to System 7 didn’t I Tiffinit?’ replied Zark.

‘He did I saw him, he did it properly.’ She nodded her head, antenna rings jingling noisily.

‘These things cost a lot of money Zark, I know you’ve only been at Jango’s Emporium a short time but this is the second Obliterator you’ve lost this week!’