Photo Copyright; Sue Vincent


“How much further?” huffed Karen. “We’ve been walking for hours.”

“Not much,” replied Jim. “And we’ve been walking an hour at best.

“Couldn’t we have driven here?” she moaned.

“No, the suspension wouldn’t take it.”

“This place creeps me out and it’s getting cold.” Desolate Hob’s Moor was not the most hospitable place in Devonshire.

“There it is.” Jim pointed excitedly to something white in the grass.

“Is that it?” asked Karen in dissapointment. It was the size of a cow’s skull, there was something strange about the shape of the eye-sockets and the teeth were long and pointed. “We walked all this way for a dead animal?”

“It’s the ancient Devilskull, I bring all my girlfriends here.”

“And?” Karen remained unimpressed. “We could have gone to Lynmouth there’s a nice pub there.”

“What and miss seeing this unique relic?”

“Surprised no-one’s nicked it?” she replied glumly.

“People are too superstitious round here, they wouldn’t dare.”

The girl was bending over staring into the skull’s eyesockets curiously. “Do you know there is something weird about this boney old thing?”

Jim reached into his pocket to produce a heavy hammer, she was going to be the easiest yet, one good blow and it would all be over. “They used to sacrifice people to it you know?” Karen, transfixed by the skull seemed unawares and raising the weapon high he slowly made his way towards his intended victim.

“I know, murderer!” her voice was deeper and seemed to come from a long way off.

Jim stopped in his tracks. “What?”

“I need only one further sacrifice.” Said the voice again. Karen stood turning to face him the pupils in her eyes glowing red.  “Thou who hast unintentially brought me so many souls hath set me free.” the girl explained hoisting her erstwhile attacker by his neck. The vertabrae cracked as her grip tightened then after throwing the lifeless body to the ground, what had formerly been Karen Pritchard took his keys and walked back across the moor towards the car…