Dominant Lifeform


The saucer shaped vessel lifted off with a hum and quickly ascended to the mother ship orbiting the planet, Ptoosh left his guest aboard the scout-disc and stepped onto the hangar floor where Salket was waiting for him.

‘Your Greyness, I have succeeded in my quest and have aboard my vessel a representative of this planet’s dominant race.’ He announced.

Salket blinked her large black eyes ‘you will be honoured for this Ptoosh, may I see it?’ she asked.

‘By all means, but be aware it is rather confused at the moment.’

‘That is hardly surprising, perhaps a quick look on the monitor to allow the being time to regain its senses.’

‘By all means my Commander’ he switched on the screen revealing the saucers cabin.

‘That is the most dominant lifeform on the planet, I am surprised? She furrowed her shiny brow.’ It is smaller than I would have expected’

‘It is most certainly’ he replied ‘they have a very complicated language and their own race of slaves who tend to their every need. They are worshipped and dominate a thing called the internet.’

‘It does have a most pleasing appearance, has this being a name?’

‘I believe he is called Toby which is a male name.’

‘Well Ptoosh, our guest seems quite settled in the pilots chair now, I think we should greet him.’ The pair entered the scout-ship and the earthling sat up immediately regarding the strange pair with a combination of fear and curiosity.

Salket who was in charge of the mission addressed the being. ‘Greetings Toby, we come from a star system you may know as Zeta Reticuli and have travelled literally an astronomical distance to meet your people. We come in peace and offer you and your planet all the benefits of our civilisation, please ask anything of us and we will be glad to oblige you.’ Toby looked at the strange couple stood before him, their pale grey skin and all black eyes were a little unsettling but they seemed friendly enough.

The chosen representative of Earth’s most dominant race opened his mouth and said ‘Meow!’