First time.

rabbittrim  “Hi I’m Tina.” said the girl with the riding crop.

Bedřich nodded approvingly taking in the black leather corset, spiked collar, blue eyes glittering behind a mask and long hair tied in a high ponytail. “Where’s Margaretta?” he asked curiously in an accent redolent of bohemian origin.

“She’s sort of indisposed, I’m here in her place.”

“Take off that mask and let me see your face Tina.” he ordered, the visage revealed was attractive in a girl-next-door sort of way and seemed quite self-conscious. “You are very pretty but I think you are new to this, aren’t you?”

“I’m not a stranger to this sort of thing but this the first time like…”

He smiled revealing long teeth. “Do not trouble yourself Tina I am an old, old, man with much experience, look upon this as your education.” she reminded him of someone?

“Err…” she hesitated.

Bedřich laughed lightly and pleasantly saying. “Come, come Tina let us get to the business in hand and since I’m your first I’ll pay you extra as an incentive!” He eagerly undressed and the ersatz dominatrix helped fasten his wrists and ankles in manacles attached to floor and ceiling. As she pressed close to finish restraining him he could feel the warmth of the blood in her veins and could see the pulse beating strongly her neck. Despite the spiky collar she wore he had to resist the urge to bite sinking his teeth into her jugular, her blood will taste very sweet!

“Is that alright?” asked Tina, this one reminded her of a kindly old grandfather and she felt some reluctance at what she had to do then hardening her resolve thought  just get it over with Christina!

She strutted around the chained captive on her spiked heels in what she hoped was an alluring manner as Bedřich looked her up and down appreciatively. “Well my dear are we going to start?” he asked.

“If anything went wrong could you get out?” asked Tina swishing the riding crop and holding it under his chin.

“Oh no I am completely helpless that’s an important part of it. Don’t concern yourself my dear I am no stranger to this.” He liked this young woman, I might turn her.

“I am a bit puzzled sir, why does someone like you go in for this?” she asked.

“Why are you surprised, is it because I am old, am I not allowed to indulge my pleasures?” He could feel the girl’s anxiety and found it quite arousing, he would definitely turn her and she would join him in eternity.

Tina’s eyes widened as she noticed his state of excitement then stepping forward swung the switch sideways across his cheek slicing it open.

“What was that for?” Bedřich demanded angrily, the crop had caused no permanent damage but it had stung considerably.

Tina watched the wound heal itself without even bleeding a little. “Just making sure.” she announced before rummaging in her long bag on the floor next to a bench that was home to several interesting implements thenshe advanced towards the man brandishing a wooden handled iron spike in one hand and a cavalry sabre in the other.

“What would my poor dead mother think if she could see me like this, dressed in leather and stockings with a naked man in chains?” she laughed sardonically. “Of course when I say man I mean vampire!” she spat the last word as if had a bad taste.

Count Bedřich Pulaski raged and pulled at the chains with a strength and energy belying his elderly appearance. “And to think I was going to turn you into one of us.”

“Like you did to poor Margaretta?” the girl snapped. “I put her out of her misery before I came here.”

“Who are you woman?” the vampire snarled.

“I am Christina Van Helsing and as I told you I am no stranger to this sort of thing but it is the first time I’ve worn a bondage outfit to do it.” She held the point of the spike to his ribcage. “Any last words Count Pulaski?”

“You’re Sophie Van Helsing’s daughter!” he cried in shocked realisation.

“You’ve got it in one you undead bastard!” she cried and teeth bared drove the iron spike in hard. Christina watched the vampire sag forward then changing the sabre to her right hand struck at the neck. “This one is for you mum!”