Lincoln Impishness

A trip to my home county’s cathedral inspired this tale.


Adriel the angel stepped out of the open bible resting on the lectern and gazed up at the pillar, the imp had gone!

“Where are you foul servant of Satan?” shouted Adriel. “Come hither I command thee!”

“I am behind you wingy, look to the Judgement Porch!” came a voice.

The angel turned to see the beast clinging to the south wall above the aforementioned doorway. “How it this possible, for by the will of the Lord I turned you to stone?” asked Adriel somewhat perplexed.

“It’s worn off Adriel my old chum, I’m just hanging around waiting for Forincus to join me from St James in Grimsby.”

“Forincus! But was he not also turned to stone?”

“Yep, but he’s just messaged to say he’s on his way, you angels should move with the times.”

“But the will of the Lord’s shall last till the End of Days, Judgement Day itself!” proclaimed the winged being pompously.

“Don’t you lot keep up with the news?” asked the creature.

Adriel shook his head uncertainly. “What?”

“You should take a look at the telly and see what’s going on in the world my heavenly chum.” advised the Imp. “The End of Days is already here!”