The Motel – a twist on an old story.


art back view backlit boy

Chief Mitchell looked at the body on the bathroom floor, the shower curtain had been folded back to show the corpse, it’s skull smashed open, fractured as it had smashed against the sink on falling. A large kitchen knife red with blood was still clasped in the dead fingers, but it was nothing compared to the gore oozing from the broken head.

A voice broke his reverie. “Holy Fuck I never guessed young Norm was a faggot.” Officer Chambers was bent over the bizarrely dressed body and staring at the bloodstained grey wig.

“Shut it Al these walls are thin!” growled Mitchell. “Don’t forget there’s a lady next door.”

“His mother was crazy as a coot, treated the poor bastard like shit, s’probably her fault he turned out like that.” continued the deputy.

“Shut up!” my old man used to beat me, it didn’t make me put on a dress and go out and stab people, Mitchell went to the small office next door where a pale young woman sat on a chair wrapped in a large bath towel. “You okay miss?” he asked, taking in the disturbing collection of taxidermy around the room.

“Yeah.” she answered shakily, she was quite pretty with a peroxide bob, Doc Richmond was busily bandaging her right forearm.

“You’ll be alright Marion, we’ll get you to town and get this stitched.” said the physician kindly. “Chief, can one of your boys find her a robe or something?”

The Chief sent an officer to her room then asked. “Before you go Miss Crane, do you feel able to talk about it yet, anything would be helpful?”

“I was in the shower when someone pulled the curtain back and stabbed me in the arm, I pushed and they fell backwards, the floor was all wet and he slipped and grabbed the shower curtain and it came off and sort of wrapped round him and he kept falling and his head hit the sink and it made this horrible noise and he didn’t get up so I grabbed a towel and I phoned the police from here.” she blurted out before starting to cry.

“Okay Miss, the Doc’ll get you to the hospital and we’ll talk about it some more tomorrow, when you’re ready of course.”

“He seemed such a nice boy, shared his supper with me, I didn’t recognise him at first because of… you know… the dress?” the young woman managed to say between sobs, then. “Is his mother alright I heard them arguing earlier it sounded really nasty… I hope he hasn’t killed her?”

Chief Mitchell was examining a peephole in the office wall that looked into the room next door and turned in surprise at her comment. “His mother? You must have been hearing things young lady, she died years ago.”

“But I did hear her!” she answered tearfully.

At that moment Officer Hickey ran in to the office and after catching his breath said. “Chief, you’ll never guess what we found in the cellar of the old house…”