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“Oh blow it!” said God in vexation.

“What’s the problem boss?” asked Peter.

“Creation’s gone wrong and I can’t seem to fix it” the Lord replied.

“Do you want me to have a look at it?”

“You may as well try.”

“Gosh this is an old model.” said Peter in astonishment.

“I’ve had it years, but if you can’t do anything with it it’s going in the bin this time I’m not spending a fortune on it again.”

“Have you ever thought of going digital?” asked the angel going round the back and tweaking buttons.

“You sound like my son but you see I’m a bit of a traditionalist. No no you’ve just made everybody short and wide.”

“How about this?” Peter twisted a knob.

“Now it’s all tall and thin… ah that’s better but there’s no sound.”


“You must have altered the vertical hold the pictures just rolling over.”

“Hang on.” the angel strode round to the front and hit creation on the top, it stopped rolling and everything settled down. “Better?”

“Oh much better thank you, how did you know how to do that.”

“It was simple Lord, creation is stupid it always responds to brute force and ignorance no matter how hard you try to gently change it.”